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Soul Spectrum

Dead Inside


  1. Humans

    One of the newest species added to the Connection after a rocky (and rather violent) start, humans are… well, human. With a propensity for trouble and a practiced ease at tackling new situations with gusto, humans have integrated themselves into other worlds quite well, and made allies where they can. (They seem to feel a special affinity for the Talmi.) There are also the most "comfortable" with the Dead Inside, which makes sense given that they loosed them on the rest of the galaxy…



    Dude, It Was A Joke: Humans get an automatic second try if they fail any Charisma or Intelligence Check.

    Character Naming Conventions: standard


  2. Anyr

    Creatures of the Aniya system (and one of the few to expand off its homeworld and into neighboring planets and moons before they were added to the Connection), the Anyr have bodies similar to terrestrial horses, with dual-thumbed, four fingered feet akin to a parents claws, long, wispy ears, and feathery whiplike tails. Both their size, stature, and apparent ease in spacefaring travel have earned them a place in myth and legend.




    Deft: the second thumb and those grasping feet the really come in handy. If an Anyr is using their hands/feet to try and do something that involves manual dexterity, go ahead and combine [finesse] and [agility] into one stat that can be used whenever you need to check [finesse] or [agility].


    Celeste resistance: because of their large ears, and you get an automatic attempt to resist any Celeste tone command.


    Anyr Naming Conventions: [x] of the [y][z] where x y and z make a sentence in standard english: Silk of the Silver Winds

  3. Kendril

    Hideous, deformed, and just plain ugly by everyone else's standards, the Medusa-ish Kendril have taken to hiding their split lower jaws (if not the rest of their face) from an all too cruel public, wearing masks that hide the respirators which give them an extra dose of strength in 'common' atmosphere. With four arms, four eyes, and a ring of tendrils with "peripheral" heads at the ends, if there ever was a species you didn't want to meet in a dark alley, they are it.




    Petrification: a potentially lethal action, a Kendril needs to first bite its target using its primary mouth before attempting to petrify it. If the Kendril's [agility] is higher than her targets total health, petrification succeeds automatically and the target is turned to stone. Otherwise, the Kendril takes a combined [charisma] plus [speed] check, while its target takes a [health] check.


    Kendril Naming Conventions: Standard

  4. Talmi

    A slave race until roughly 500 years ago (when they claimed the planet Areal as their own), the Talmi are small, fuzzy, cross feline marsupials with a chip on their shoulder and a remarkable talent for taking whatever they can find in improving upon it. They have large, elephantine ears, long tails with a poof on the end, marsupial pouches ( where they like to store their inventory, so they always hold more than you'd think in there), and relatively humanoid hands and feet… Save for the reetractable claws, of course.




    Hi Jump: Talmi legs are well-developed, and a Talmi can jump up to twice her height.


    Celeste resistance: Because of their large ears, Talmi get an automatic attempt to resist any Celeste tone command.


    Talmi Naming Conventions: Typically nouns, objects. Positive verbs are also used, though rarely.

  5. Vidian

    Elegant, wispy, levitating creatures from Nurovidia, the Vidians resembled ancient Asian dragons of legend, both in grace and intelligence. Their appetite for technology is only exceeded by their veracity for art and beauty… Which only complicates matters when one of the more prized materials for their artwork includes their own hides and bones. Levitation to them is as natural as breathing, much to the frustration of almost every other race they encounter.




    Levitation: a Vidian  can levitate themselves (regardless of their weight) and at least five*[finesse] kilograms of foreign material freely at [agility] speed; if they want to lift more, they can land themselves in order to live up to their body weight + however much they can normally lift in foreign material for at least [finesse] minutes before needing to take a strength check. Moving this mass requires a speed check.


    Vidian Naming Conventions: standard colors or objects that name a color

  6. Zillan

    Lizards from the planet Ziligo (which has since been overrun with Celeste and renamed "Celigo"), these Zillans are tall, stocky gator-esque creatures have three fingers, full heads of hair, and often have tattoos to help distinguish between various matriarchal clans among species. Built for both speed and strength, you don't want to cross these creatures if you can help it.




    Bite: A Zillans bite strength is legendary (enough to rip off a Talmi's years)! When biting a target, a Zillans [finesse] is automatically equal to her total strength.


    Zillan Naming Conventions: standard

  7. Celeste Hybrid

    Celeste are by definition hybrids of the other species that can be found in the Connection--any Celeste you find will be a mix of at least two species. Just about the only thing that identifies the Celeste from the rest of the galaxy species is their wings--proper Celeste have large back wings, while touched have a much smaller pair of wings, either on their back or elsewhere on their body




    Spectrum lock: Celeste hybrids can only be either Celeste or Touched on the spectrum.


    Have it your way: two species hybrids may claim one 'main'species for their traits and stat bonuses. Three species hybrids may claim to main species.


    Celeste Naming Conventions: Foreign non-english language with [clan] suffix if clan is known.

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Soul Spectrum

  1. Sterling

    From the law abiding citizen to the badass normal, Sterlings have kept the solo shells intact. Of course, any Sterling could decide to Shatter and become a Dead Inside, but sometimes, there are advantages to refusing to play the Celeste;s game…




    Nothing to see here: Sterling's are almost always overlooked by Celeste, which means that in cases where Sterlings aura is visible (while the rest of the Sterling is hidden and not in motion), they will be ignored and treated as invisible.


    Soul battery: creativity may be a fickle mistress, but Sterlings are guaranteed at least [charisma] good ideas every (24 hours/1000 beats). Executing on those ideas is the tough part, of course…

  2. Celeste

    Long time ago, in a galaxy that feels a lot farther away than it ought to be, Celeste were the true saviors of the galaxy, bravely fighting against the other world others who would've devoured our worlds…


    … And we haven't heard the end of it yet!


    As the divinely chosen, these cross species hybrids are everything you've come to know of Angels and Demons all in one package--beautiful, powerful, and terrifying to behold. They thrive on power, and are eager to take it by whatever means necessary.




    Tone: any Celeste can (and does!) Learn how to give orders that must be obeyed--even if the orders involve telling the target to commit suicide! It doesn't work on everybody though: when dealing with other Celeste, Touched, Anyr, Talmi, or Light Children, run a charisma check to see if it takes hold. Also, resistance stacks (so if you have an Anyr Light Child on your hands, you'll have to run the check twice)!



  3. Touched

    Any Celeste hybrids that don't manage to be born as actual Celeste end up as Touched--an overall weaker variation on Celeste, with only a tiny pair of wings to their name. Typically, this means they'll end up resembling only one species or the other physically, except their wings will still be of their other species.


    Touched have a few Celeste abilities, but are overall weaker (some of them can still fly!), and typically only tolerated because they breed other Celeste.




    Tone resistance: Touched may not be able to tone like thei Celeste brethren, but they're not as susceptible either. Touched receive an automatic attempt to resist any Celeste don't command.

  4. Light Child

    The "special" stepchild of the Spectrum, Light Children are born naturally without soul shells, and typically possess a little more or less than the usual Sterlings worth of soul… Even though these children were born as Celeste hybrids, and indeed, lack the wings of the Celeste and Touched, they can be just as powerful.


    Given the right training at a Celeste school, Light Children can do anything a Celeste can--but finding such a school willing to teach the Light Child is a real problem, so most Light Children end up "suffering" from powers they barely comprehend, and end up diagnosed with various mental maladies. Of course, there's always teaching yourself…




    Tone resistance: Light Children can learn to tone, but almost all learn to resist. Light children receive an automatic attempt to resist any Celeste tone command.

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Dead Inside

  1. Zombie

    A Shattered who fails to realize their full potential will pay the price in death--along with whatever unlucky steps are in the area when it happens.


    Zombies come from Shattered that failed to become Djinn before they died. When they come back, they're often dead set on finishing whatever job they got in mind, even if it kills them--again!




    Ignore damage: what does a little pain matter? You're already dead! Unless someone manages to blow a limb off (requiring at least three times the normal amount of damage), zombies won't even notice there's a rather important muscle that's just been hacked into…

  2. Djinn

    The majority of the Dead Inside, Djinn are folks with just enough knowledge to be dangerous. In addition to ordinary Djinn, there are also two major subclasses of Djinn: Efreet, which are what ordinary Djinn turn into i fthey're powerful enough, and Vampires, which take a divergent path of evolution, but forego the ability to become Efreet




    Flexible Soul: Djinn can gain soul fragments just as easily as they can lose them! Given the right training, it could make a Djinn as much of a match as any Celeste out there… Assuming they live long enough, of course.


    Improve hardiness: A Djinns health and hardiness stats are combined to be one and the same. In short: much healthier, and able to take a lot more damage to the trouble.

  3. Efreet

    What every non-Vampire Djinn wants to be when they grow up


    Efreet are basically more powerful Djinn, having shed their mortal bodies in exchange for raw power and energy.




    Gene inheritance: Efreet have all Djinn traits.


    Infertility: In order to become Efreet it requires sacrificing significant portions of their mortal bodies become more powerful. Let's leave it at that.


    Compression: Energy doesn't need much room. An Efreet can be packed into small, enclosed space (like a lamp, or flask) indefinitely without much concern.

  4. Vampires

    Also known as Life Djinn, Vampires can hide their Dead Eyes (most of the time), and otherwise appear to be ordinary, living Sterlings. This is thanks to the Embrace, a transformation which which avoids the trauma of Shattering through death at the hands of another Vampire, and immediately brought back to life through their blood.


    Only humans can become Vampires. Because of this, many folks believe that all humans are secretly Vampires… A misconception that plenty of humans are willing to exploit.




    Djinn Inheritance: Vampires have all Djinn traits


    In the blood: Vampires can survive on a pint of blood a day, which means the typical Vampire will feed about once a week. A Vampire can also use their blood as a second "health pool".


    Second Form-Zombie:Starved and gravely injured Vampires will transform into a  Zombie-like form that will ignore all but structural damage, and is single-minded in focus. However, they must feed to recover at least one pint to transform back… If a they stay in Zombie form for more than an hour (roughly 40 beats), the Vampire will deteriorate to the point of self-destruction.

  5. Reaper

    Undetectable by ordinary aura reading methods, Reapers are the Celeste's worst nightmare, combining the unassuming stature of Sterling with the powers of a Dead Inside.


    Reapers accomplish this task through the help of another Djinn, working together to craft a focal artifact which they can use to harm/kill others (a scythe, a doll, a notebook) in order to power its artifact and maintain the connection to their soul.




    Focal artifact: With the help of another Dead Inside, Reapers can construct a small item allows them to remotely cause harm or otherwise render a weapon cursed. This item can be as simple as a voodoo doll or as complex as a smart phone, so long as the Reaper knows how to use it to target exactly who they have in mind. This artifact is still just as prone to damage is a similar, non-cursed item would be--and if it's successfully destroyed, the Reaper loses her powers and becomes an ordinary Shattered.


    Reaper power limitations: Addition by Jigsaw Forte


    A reaper's power is limited to their choice of item. That item may give them certain special abilities, but beyond those abilities, they are just normal items. The Death Note is an example of such an item.

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