A place to roleplay in the Last Res0rt RPG

Jump into the world of Last Res0rt, just be careful where you land...or what you land as...

Last res0rt

In the world of Last Res0rt, humanity is only one of many species out there. This is to be expected, what was less expected is the existence of Celeste and the so-called "dead inside". For centuries now these two factions have warred against each other, but now the Celeste seemed to have an advantage. An eight winged Messiah has risen to power, and is expected to wipe out the last of the dead inside.

 Now it is time for you to make your choices. Will you aid the Celeste? Or perhaps you will join the Sterlings, and their fight against the unnatural? Or maybe you will join the Dead Inside, and try to turn the tide of battle while growing your own power.

 Whatever you choose, adventure awaits in the world of Last Res0rt.